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Background information:

St. Henry’s college Kitovu Library (JERSEY Library) was built in 1953 as an academic hub for research purposes. Jersey library is instrumental to the school as it is a “Resource Centre” and “MINE of information” to the entire SHACK fraternity.

In 1998 the parents of SHACK generously contributed towards the construction of the SHACK Library Extension and it was completed in 2000. It is big enough to cater for the current student population but also for the projected future population that keeps increasing.

Jersey Library is richly stocked with a plethora of reading materials in various fields like English language, English in Literature, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Geography, Information Technology, Principles and Practices of Agriculture, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Technical drawing, Fine Art, Christian Religious Education and Physical Education. The Library also has a collection of Journals, Bibles, Dictionaries, Year Books, Encyclopedias, and Inspirational Books. 

Library Department


The Library department has progressed Steadily due to the unbroken cooperation of the library staff members vis;

  1. Mr. Thembo James (Head of department)
  2. Bro. Wasswa Leonard (Library assistant)
  3. Mr. Ongora Ambrose (Library assistant)        

Library Operation:

Jessey Library opens five days a week, Monday-Friday in two shifts i.e First shift 8:00am-4:00pm and Second shift 4:00pm-10:00pm. Additionally, the Library operates on Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm to facilitate unbroken research of our clients.

The Library system used is the D.D.C System (Dewey Decimal classification method). Using this system, all Books are accessioned on arrival to the Library, classified and catalogued before they are shelved to their respective sections for easy retrieval and accessibility. Hence providing timely access to relevant information responsive to research, and the teaching and Learning process.

Students receive newspapers from the library to allow them get informed on current affairs in the world on a daily basis through their library ministers and class representatives. The library however retains copies for future reference and research. Newspapers can also be accessed on line at the SHACK Computer centre which works hand in hand with the Library Department.

The Library operates under clear rules and regulations that are availed to our new clients during the orientation sessions that are majorly offered to form one and form five members. The rules and regulations are fundamental in guiding our clients on how to use the Library and the material in it.

Library Stock:

The Library has a collection of thirteen thousand three hundred seventy nine (13379) Books in various fields under a variety of titles, Authors and publishers in both old and new curriculum respectively.

Library stock is boosted by the Ministry of Education and Sports, school administration by purchasing the recommended Library material for the effective teaching - learning process. In addition, new students of Senior one and five bring recommended text books to the school Library.

Library Ambiance:

In Jersey Library, "Silence is Golden". The Library maintains a serene atmosphere to facilitate reflection, internalizing and thorough grasp of information accessed. Cleanliness is part and parcel of the facility.

Library Sections:

The Library has three sections viz; Open Section: This section can be accessed by all our clients at will. Material in this section can be borrowed to the clients. Reference/ Reserve Section: This section is open to the Library staff and teachers of SHACK. Students can only access this section with special permission from the Librarian. Books in this section are reserved to be read from with in the library. Book Bank: This section serves as a bank for the Library Material. it operates under Key and Lock. It is also accessed with due permission from the Librarian. Having identified the material to be borrowed , the client is directed to find it in the book bank, the client then presents it to the librarian for entry in the Library record book.

Library Front Desk:

Our esteemed clients find a registration book at the desk. Before accessing any library material, a client has to jot his name, class, stream, and time of arrival in our registration book. This is done to allow the Library staff monitor the clients effectively during classroom hours.

Suggestions from clients for better service delivery are professionally valued. Therefore, a suggestion book is available at the front desk. This book offers our clients an opportunity to present their suggestions, views, opinions and ideas to the library administration.

Thank you and welcome to the academic hub of SHACK.