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St. Henry’s College Kitovu catering department endeavors to provide its clients with quality meals prepared and served under the most hygienic conditions possible. Located in the most strategic site of the school, the mess hall will attract your site as soon as you enter the college.  It is easily accessed by all students from the different areas of residence.

Kitchen department


The department is proud of a team whose approach to duty is guided by the philosophy of team spirit. It is a team of fifteen men and women catering for nearly 1500 students and over 130 staff members.

The Staff comprise fifteen men and women. These cater for our 1600 students with ease. However, on special occasions, a few casual labourers are employed from neighboring communities to support the department. 

The staff is guided by international catering standards and principles and is supervised by Mrs. Masembe Agnes Lunkuse, the catering officer in charge and her Assistant, Mr. Niwamanya Adrian.

We are a team of highly trained and motivated staff dedicated to duty. We ensure timely delivery of decent meals. The members are helped by Dinning masters including Mr. Masaba Tom, Mr. Obina Johnson, Mr. Mugume Samuel and Bro. Zobole Pius who are responsible for ensuring discipline and order among the students. For the part of the students we have the catering ministers who do a wonderful job in ensuring that all clients obtain satisfactory services. This arrangement has ensured a successful journey this far. We are proud of being the most punctual department in the entire school.


We have a well balanced dieted menu




Evening Tea



Soya & Sugar in porridge served with a bun

Fried Beans, posho & vegetable cabbages


Posh served with fried Beans


Soaya & Sugar in porridge served with a bun

Posho served with Fried Beans/Fruits (Melons)

Rice served with fried Beans


Milk & sugar in porridge served with a bun

Posho, Bean stew & fried vegetables

Posho served with fried Beans


Soya and sugar in porridge served with a bun

Posho & Peas sauce

Posho served with fried Beans


Milk & sugar in porridge served with a bun

Posho served with fried Beans

Rice served with fried Beans


Porridge with sugar and soya served with a bun

Matooke or cassava + Bean stew & fried vegetables

Bean stew & posh


Milk & sugar in porridge served with a boiled egg and a Bun

Brown Rice served with Meat/Beans (Chicken on Big days)

Boiled Rice or sweet Potatoes & G. Nuts

 NB:    For special occasions we prepare fried chicken stew, rice pilao and fried vegetables.

Kitchen department


The dinning area is a spacious place that accommodates up to 500 students at a single sitting. Coupled with comfortable tables and seats, this facility enables us to serve lunch and supper within 40 minutes to our boys. We provide clean hygienic drinking water purified by technology (so-safe) which students access in poly tanks throughout the day.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the department succeeded a few years ago in erecting a water collecting point adjustment to the mess hall where clients draw hot water or tea in the evening after classes. The dining cooking area is also installed with CCTV cameras to ensure maximum discipline, security and monitoring of all the activities that take place in the department.

We pledge to continue our indefatigable efforts with our objective of pleasing our clients in the years to come.