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The Department of English is one of the biggest Departments in the College with twelve teachers. The department is blessed with Senior members with tonnes of experience . Some members have taught English for more than twelve years and consequently know the contents of every page of every English course that has been taught in Uganda; Ogundupe, Integrated English, English in Use, Modern methods, name it.

The Junior members are blessed to receive further training from those men and women of chalk.

Team work is the best word that can define the department. The fruits of this team work have over the years been reflected in the excellent results posted by students in the U.C.E examinations.

Apart from teaching English and literature lessons, the department spearheads the debate, drama, and writers clubs in school. Every year, the college produces a magazine - The Shuttle courtesy of the writers club.


The following are the brains behind the success of English Department in the College

  1. Bro. Martin Wanambwa
  2. Miss Kansiime Rosemary
  3. Mr. Baguma Chris M.
  4. Miss. Baraza Mary
  5. Mr. Onyul Isidol (Head of Department)
  6. Mr. Masaba Tom
  7. Mr. Mugume Samuel
  8. Ms. Nalyazi Restytuta
  9. Mr. Aboko Richard
  10. Twinomugisha Deo
  11. Mr. Gidudu Joseph


The most widely spoken language in the history of this planet earth, used in some way by at least one out of every seven human beings around the globe is English. Half of the world's books are written in English, and the majority of international telephone calls, now twitter and face book messages to mention but a few are in English. Sixty percent of the world's radio and Television programs are transmitted in English, and more than seventy percent of international mail is written and addressed in English. Eighty percent of all computer texts, including all websites are stored in English.

The above rhetoric points the language as the most strange, looming above many and all. Forgive my sounding Euroscentric and almost lost myself in the defense, exhibition and promotion. Have you known that English is also a crazy language. This reminds me of the arbitrariness of language. True, English language is a living thing, crazy so to say, the most loopy and wiggy of all tongues!

If you give the best answer to unveil my confusion, then you will never have any difficulty in learning and teaching English as a user language. Imagine!

  1. In what other language do people drive in a packway and park in a drive way?
  2. In what other language do people play at a recital and recite at a play?
  3. Why does night fall but never break and day break but never fall?
  4. Why is it that when we transport something by car, its called a shipment, but when we transport something by ship, its called cargo? Have you ever asked yourself
  5. Why does a man get a hernia and a woman a hysterectomy?
  6. Why do we pack suits in a garment bag and garment in a suitcase?
  7. Why do privates eat in the general mess and generals eat in the private mess?
  8. Why do we call it newsprint when it contains no printing but when we put print on it, we call it a newspaper?
  9. Why are people who ride motorcycles called bikers and people who ride bikes are called cyclists.
  10. Why in --- our crazy language --- can your nose run and your feet smell?

Puzzled? ........... okay, now that is English. Crazy but simple. Embrace it!



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