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The department started in 1996 by the college Old boys association. The development by then was part of the activities to mark the College Platinum celebrations. The focus was to assist the community to live to the challenges of modern times in terms of Information and Communication Technology.

A number of programmes were started including:

  1. An On-line course (E- Learning course) that was funded by the World Bank through School Net Uganda, which was attended the initial team of 10 members of staff.
  2. Computer assembling; hardware maintenance and networking.
  3. Class remedial training for student with more emphasis on candidate classes issued with certificates at the end of the course.
  4. An out-reach programme for the community, “the Youth IT” which attracted participants from different areas around Masaka town.
  5. A software project that generates students' reports, does the accounts and renumeration, manages the library, and all the other school duties.

The programmes were welcomed by the entire community which registered good active participation by members.

By 2003, the centre had grown and a number of achievements had been realized;

  1. Coverage of training to all staff and students
  2. More out-reach to the outside community
  3. Integrating ICT into teaching/learning process
  4. Acquisition of more computer hardware facilities.
  5. Maintenance of the centre equipment by staff using acquired practical skills through organized programmes.

A number of challenges however were also experienced alongside with the developments particularly;

  1. Student to computer ratio
  2. Limited software progammes
  3. Text books
  4. Only refurbished computers in place that affected maintenance process
  5. Lack of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projector

Gradually with time Computer Science became fully part of the curriculum sitting candidates at S.4. The centre eventually evolved into a full department. The new arrangement was still coupled with the earlier programmes.

Because of the steady growth, increasing number of candidates at S.4 and other achievements, the school came up with the idea of expanding the department. With the support of the B.O.G and parents a new building for the departmental was started in May, 2008.

Computer Department

In 2009 the new storied building was completed and inaugurated which made the department shift from the old centre. To-date the department is manned by a team of eight competent and qualified staff:

  1. Mr. Busuulwa Nsereko Felix  Teacher (Head of Department)
  2. Mr. Njala Charles Teacher and Systems Administrator
  3. Mr. Turinawe Vian  Teacher and Website Manager
  4. Mr. Kasujja  Henry   Teacher
  5. Mr. Kusolo  Alex     Teacher
  6. Mr. Kibirige Richard Teacher
  7. Ms. Angeyo Florence  Lab. attendant and Secretary


A number of activities are in place which have attracted a good section of the community to the department;

  • Teaching/Learning process
  • Research work
  • Student ICT Club prefects
  • Report processing
  • Website maintenance


The department has a number of facilities including;

  1. Two laboratories for normal lessons
  2. A good number of laptops and desktops with computer-student ratio of 1:1 during lessons.
  3. Three projectors to facilitate teaching/Learning
  4. An E-library and research centre with 40 functional flat screens and 4system units of N computing system in the Internet Lab.
  5. Wireless internet  connection in the school
  6. A server room
  7. A prep room
  8. A good stock of Hardware facilities and maintenance kit



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